Unlocking the Value in your Home

Services Provided

Manitou RBO will Market and Lease your property for vacation or short-term rental.  Marketing activities will include gathering pictures and descriptive information from you, and listing the Property for lease on vacation property web sites.  Leasing activities will include:  screening all Guest requests for fitness to use your home in the manner you intend, communication and execution of agreements specifying terms of use, collection of all fees and damage deposits, and checkout process to clear a Guest for the return of their deposit following their stay.

Marketing Activities

  • Property Profile – MRBO will interview you to develop a personalized and compelling description of your home.  Details will include everything from the home features to the location benefits.
  • Photography/Video – The most effective marketing uses professional imagery.  Photos of every room along with external shots are a minimum requirement.  Modern technology makes it very easy to include a video tour as well.  MRBO services do not include the creation of this content, but we can provide a quote if you’d like us to manage this as well.
  • Floor plan – Guests are always interested in the layout of the Property as they consider their stay choices
  • Web posting the Property on VRBO.com will reach the largest potential base with over 60 million global Guests using the site.  There is an annual cost of this posting which we include in our fees.
  • Web posting the Property on ManitouRBO.com to facilitate all terms of use acceptance and payment processing, as well as handling all local and word of mouth inquiries directly.  MRBO encourages repeat Guest experiences whenever possible to reduce the risk of the unknown.  Referrals are an excellent source for qualified Guests as it connects them to known friends and family in the area.  The cost of this site posting is also included in the Manitou RBO Fee.
  • Data – MRBO will manage a database of Guests, including a simple rating system to qualify repeat experiences from preferred Guests through target marketing each year.  This will also enable a short “black list” of those who you may prefer not to extend a repeat experience for any reason.

Leasing Activities

  • Screening – all Guest requests will be responded to immediately (within 2-hrs of submittal) by email.  MRBO will use the Property Owner's Profile to ensure that the intended use of the property is well defined and matched with proposed Guests.  MRBO insists on a live conversation with any inquirer, and this discussion, along with the details of their submittal, will serve as our interview and decision criteria for approval.
  • Availability – a Property Calendar will be managed in collaboration with you to ensure that stays are coordinated with availability as well as cleaning and other scheduled services.
  • Reservations – MRBO, once guest is approved, will facilitate Rental Agreement acceptance through its web forms online.
  • Payments – MRBO will handle all Payments including rental fees and damage deposits as defined in the Rental Agreement.   We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), PayPal, personal checks, traveler’s checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks.
  • Checkouts – MRBO will coordinate with a representative and/or your chosen cleaner to inspect the property immediately following any Guest Stay to determine any damages.  MRBO will withhold the appropriate amounts from the Damage Deposits accordingly, and return the balance to the Guest within 30 days of checkout.  MRBO will also collect a valid credit card from every Guest in advance of their Stay in the event that the Damages exceed the collected Damage Deposit amount.


Manitou RBO retains a percentage of leasing monies collected in exchange for the services described above.  To get started, we require only a $500 prepayment to cover initial set up and web postings - fully refundable in the form of a credit against the first successful rental transactions.

CONTACT US if you're an owner who wishes to add your property to our group and join the growing list of home owners who are recapturing income from their investment in property.