If you haven't heard the news on CNN today AirB&B is getting some odd press.  It seems property owners have been leasing their homes unknowingly to guests that soon turn the property into temporary "illegal" operations for their businesses.    Buyer Beware prevails here.  which is one of the many reasons why we were inspired to serve and help other property owners.   The confusion seems to occur when property owners and the press apparently mistake these web services for property leasing agents.   They are not handling the leasing process or transaction.  they simply host the content related to a property - creating a common venue for homeowners to display and promote their home to potential guests.  that is it.  simple. the website has no idea who is renting your home or who ultimately ends up staying there... the home owner has the option to self manage the leasing or hire an experienced service provider to do it for them.   Alas the human touch and connection can make a difference here.  Let ManitouRBO help avoid this from happening to your property too.